The Presence of God is NOT a Good Luck Charm

1 Samuel 4

When Israel was pummeled by the Philistines yet again, they turned to the ark of the covenant. They didn’t turn there to seek God. They turned to it as a good luck charm. They thought if they took it into battle it would bring them the luck they needed to defeat the Philistines.

When the ark came into the camp, the place went crazy. The emotions were high. The Philistines even heard the noise and got worried for a minute. Then, Israel went out and not only lost the battle, but lost the ark. 

Israel was so far from God they didn’t know what the ark was about any longer. To them it was simply a symbol of the presence of God. It was not about coming into his presence to hear from him.

When we do not know what to truly do with worship, the Word, the presence of God, the table of the Lord, etc., they can become our good luck charms. 

“I can’t feel the presence of God, so I need to listen to my music.”

“I can’t hear from God, so I need to listen to (fit name of favorite preacher here) so I can get rejuvenated.”

“I am not feeling God, so I need to get to youth camp.”

On and on it can go.

God is not a good luck charm. We don’t go to him to our “feeling” back.

He is holy and worthy of worship. We go to him for his agenda not so he can rubber stamp our agenda.

I want to worship because he is worthy. I want to engage the Word of God in the Scriptures because HE is talking to ME, not the other way around.

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