Our World at Boiling Point

From Aurora, CO to Milwaukee, WI to College Station, TX to Louisiana today, there is always evidence that we are a world coming apart. It’s always been that way. It’s the world, after all.

As believers, is it possible to have a different type of conversation? Is it possible to engage in some sort of civil discourse that can tackle some issues, even if it offends political beliefs, whether conservative or liberal?

Can we have a discussion about what it means to be truly “pro-life” without an uproar from the “left”?

Can we have a discussion about reasonable responses to tighter gun laws without an uproar from the “right”?

I think we can because what we should be able to recognize is this is something beyond laws and political ideals. This is to the soul. This is to the core of human being. And on that, as the Body of Christ, we might be able to agree… and then move forward.

Our world is at a boiling point. The Church doesn’t need to be the gasoline on the fire.

We can pray for healing. We can be peacemakers and find ourselves actually being the children of God.

If we want.

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