Another school shooting. From the article: The scene unfolded on the eve of the Newtown massacre anniversary, a somber reminder of the ever-present potential for violence in the nation’s schools. I disagree. We need a somber reminder of the ever-present potential for violence everywhere because we are not a peaceful culture. We are a culture of violenceContinue reading “Rage”

It’s Not a Gun Culture

In the past few weeks, just from the “world of sports,” I have observed something again and again. When something tragic happens, like a mass shooting, we get reflective over being a “gun culture.” I don’t think we’re a “gun culture.” I think we’re a culture of violence. The gun owners who give the snideContinue reading “It’s Not a Gun Culture”

The Ugliness That Gets “Lightly” Reported

Finally, after FIVE WEEKS of trial, the grisly story of an abortion doctor performing late term abortions and murders makes it to the main stream media. And they don’t hold back any details. This is not light reading, folks. But it MUST be read. We can talk of the violence in our schools, in Boston, inContinue reading “The Ugliness That Gets “Lightly” Reported”