The Path to Holiness

We want “holiness” is a few easy steps.

Holiness might be “possible” in a few steps, but they aren’t easy. Our affections have to be turned. Holiness comes when our affections are on Christ and not our own agendas. Our vision is full of Christ, and rid of this world’s agenda.

We need the taste of the Kingdom in our spiritual mouths. We need that holy hunger. Taste and see the Lord is GOOD.

We also need “crisis” moments. We realize our tastes have been wrong. Our tastes don’t just need adjusting… they need changing. That brings crisis. We like our lives. We like the way we think things are.

But the Kingdom comes. The taste touches us and we are awakened. But the old tastes don’t go quietly into the night. There is a crisis. Sometimes there may be several crisis points. We have to face our frailty. We have to face our ugly nature. We fall on Christ.

Taste and see… he is GOOD.

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