Giving Away a Bestseller Idea

I need to copyright this post, because someone can really take off with this idea. So, here goes:

The plot of a novel: A novelist is working on a plot where a programmer who works IT for a major company plays around with encryption and algorithms. He stumbles onto an algorithm that could possibly crash financial and retail networks. In the story, the IT programmer begins to find out his life is in danger. He doesn’t know who is after him: the government or some bigger entity with bigger stakes on the line. As the novelist is working on this plot and begins to talk about what he is working on, the novelist begins to find his own life in danger and he has no idea where the threat is coming from…

When you run with it and make the bestseller list, just think of me. An offering for my church will suffice.

3 thoughts on “Giving Away a Bestseller Idea

  1. I love it. You could even go one further. Where the novelist is working on a story about a novelist, who is writing a story about this programmer…and in the course of the discovery the programmer, and the novelist in the story becomes the hunted, and and then the real author finds he is hunted….

    Confused yet…

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