I was in a discussion today with a fellow pastor about the passionate issues of our day. As we discussed gay marriage, the economy, and other hot topics, something began to occur to us.

At first he said, “The Church is off focus. It’s off it’s target.”

Then, I thought, “Wait. It’s more. So is the government.”

BOTH are “off their game.”

The Church isn’t being salt and light… and we need to learn how again.

The government is in the short term narcissistic game of thinking only of short term goals and forgetting how to truly govern people.

I don’t see the government getting back on their game. This I know… THE CHURCH better get back in focus! We are drifting badly and truly need to seek a new baptism of power… and understanding what the KINGDOM is all about.


2 thoughts on “Are We “Off” Our Game?

  1. Good point. Too often we Christians argue politics as if our hope lies in the government bringing back our moral values and fixing our culture. Those things are the church’s job…OUR job as individual Christians.

    1. that is the main point, Terri. Believers need to know that men in office aren’t the ones to do it. If we were to tell fellow believers that it’s our job to bring morality in line with God’s view not the world view, and not to rely on man here on fixing things, would it really happen? For a revival to happen , many knees and prayers of repentance for lack of vision of the Kingdom need to happen first.

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