Losing political clout may save the American Church

Rod Dreher isn’t enamored with the election of Donald Trump. While it’s a possible side benefit that Trump may actually appoint conservative judges and justices, Dreher isn’t going to be sidetracked from the idea of the turn that has already happened in American culture. 

The next culture war

You know why it’s easy to get hits on a blog post? Headlines and hashtags. Content rarely matters. But I strive for both because I like “hits,” and the illusion of people actually reading this stuff. So, this post really IS about the “next culture war.” David Brooks has written a very challenging column forContinue reading “The next culture war”

More divided than ever

Several years ago I had the privilege of hearing Dallas Willard speak for a week at a local seminary. One thing he said even quite a few years ago still stands out to me today, showing how prophetic his ministry truly was in an age of bumper sticker theology. “I don’t want to be knownContinue reading “More divided than ever”

To be … or not to be…

Just when I get introduced to a good blogger, he goes away. But I sure understand his reasons. Modern liberals and conservatives continue to control the discussion. Those of us who think otherwise are marginalized because we refuse to accept the power and influence of those who are members of the extremes. I get thatContinue reading “To be … or not to be…”

Post “Chikin” Wars Thoughts

Okay, it won’t be “post” because this thing won’t go away for awhile. But these are my thoughts. As believers, we have gone from “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and us” to shouting so loudly at each other we can no longer hear the Holy Spirit, let alone each other. Not only areContinue reading “Post “Chikin” Wars Thoughts”

1 Peter and Waging War

This isn’t a post about “just war theory” or pacificism. It is about a far more important war. Peter describes it as the war that is waged against our very lives as believers (1 Peter 2:11, CEB). We are good at waging real war. We are good at waging virtual war. This week we’re REALLYContinue reading “1 Peter and Waging War”