The very reason for this blog

As I have tried to limit my Facebook exposure over the last day or so, I’ve read the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding the Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage in all 50 states. To those who did a lot of hand wringing waiting for this decision and are now decrying theContinue reading “The very reason for this blog”

San Francisco, the Tenderloin, and the Supreme Court

We were in San Francisco the same week as the Supreme Court made two key rulings on gay marriage. Several people set me texts or messages asking how things were going in light of that decision. Some of the messages I didn’t get for a little while because we had lousy cell reception in theContinue reading “San Francisco, the Tenderloin, and the Supreme Court”

Social Orthodoxy and the New Legalism

Tag something “religious” and it’s easy to take shots at it. Label something religious “bigoted” or “close-minded” and you’re a hero. You’re even more of a hero if you “come” from that group and take shots. In this Holy Week, the gospel texts focus on the last few days of Jesus before his arrest. HeContinue reading “Social Orthodoxy and the New Legalism”

Are We “Off” Our Game?

I was in a discussion today with a fellow pastor about the passionate issues of our day. As we discussed gay marriage, the economy, and other hot topics, something began to occur to us. At first he said, “The Church is off focus. It’s off it’s target.” Then, I thought, “Wait. It’s more. So isContinue reading “Are We “Off” Our Game?”