The very reason for this blog

As I have tried to limit my Facebook exposure over the last day or so, I’ve read the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding the Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage in all 50 states.

To those who did a lot of hand wringing waiting for this decision and are now decrying the “fall of America” or something akin to it, I can only say, “You haven’t been paying much attention lately, have you?”

To those who have followed this blog for very long, and really the whole reason for setting it up and writing so much on spiritual formation, it is honestly no surprise. Not today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

The impetus for this blog didn’t come out of a Supreme Court ruling. It came out of 9/11. It actually began to form in prayer before 9/11. Then, when the attack happened, I realized what the Lord was saying to me. (I’m a slow learner.)

The need for the Church in America is to understand we’ve lived for centuries as “Americans who happen to be Christians.” We now need to turn to the firm belief that we are “Christians who happen to be Americans.” (That was over 13 years ago, not just yesterday.)

After 9/11, I preached through the Sermon on the Mount for months, then invited people into an intentional spiritual formation group that lasted a year. Everyone who started on day one had to commit to an entire year. Almost everyone did!

The best way I can describe the journey since that point is this: Our biggest models for living out the power of the Kingdom needs to come from the Old Testament witness of Joseph, Daniel, and Esther. We learn to live with deep conviction as to who we are in Christ and then BLESS the culture in which we find ourselves. That is how I have attempted to model my life for these past few years. I’ve done okay at times, not so okay at others.

So, today, I am not alarmed. I am not wringing my hands. I am not doing a funeral dirge for America. (I confess I did something of a dirge for the American CHURCH after 9/11, then again after Katrina, but that’s another story.)

Today, I am as in love with Jesus as I was the day before. Okay… I’m not. I’m MORE in love with Jesus today than I was the day before.

Today, I am in love with people. All people. Whether they love me or not, quite frankly. That is my command from my Savior, and I take it seriously.

Today, I am desiring to bless my culture and bring the goodness of the Kingdom of God into the life of my culture in any way possible.

That didn’t change by any ruling of the Supreme Court yesterday… or ever. It doesn’t change with old laws or new laws. None of that touches the allegiance I have for the Kingdom of God.

Today, I will not curse my culture or my nation. I love where I live. People love me with my deep flaws. I love people with their deep flaws. And the Kingdom of God comes.

Whatever comes moving forward may surprise me, though I’m not sure it is possible any more. But even if it surprise me… it hasn’t taken God unawares. I can rest in that.

The very reason for this blog has now come to fulfillment. It is about living in a place that may not care about my opinion any more. But that didn’t happen just yesterday. That happened quite awhile back. And I still thrive. I still bless. I still love and bless and give. That was yesterday. That will be today. And, with God’s grace, that will be tomorrow.

It doesn’t mean “agreement.” But it does mean LOVE.

Love God.
Love people.

Let’s go.

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