Compassion and Conservative Christians

Who knew? Obviously, no one had any idea “conservative” Christians could be compassionate… that is until someone like the New York Time officially recognizes that, hey, conservative Christians actually do some good! Okay, NOW, conservative Christians can be considered as compassionate. (It was like the media “discovering” Pentecostals in 2006, the 100th Anniversary of Azusa Street.)

Nicholas Kristof gives a slight tip of the hat to the compassion of conservative Christians, and their amazing generosity. He still needs to take his digs at that crowd. (But, hey, I still need to take my digs at him as well.)

Kristof does make an excellent point that is overlooked so often by many people:

A root problem is a liberal snobbishness toward faith-based organizations. Those doing the sneering typically give away far less money than evangelicals. They’re also less likely to spend vacations volunteering at, say, a school or a clinic in Rwanda.

The media may be finally waking up to the hard work, the generosity, and YES, the compassion of conservative Christians. Of course, there is no way they will attribute that phrase to George W. Bush and his work. Why be overly generous?

Still, it’s nice to see some kudos for some very hard work going on in Haiti, Africa, and other parts of the world.

3 thoughts on “Compassion and Conservative Christians

  1. I was fascinated to read this and see Kristof’s take on humanitarian aid and Christians. Surely the compassion of Jesus Christ should be administered by all Christians from whatever denominations to relieve any and all suffering of all people of whatever race or creed across the world. This must transcend all otherwise divisive views on sexuality, or whatever. Don’t people realize that the many different faith organizations are uniquely placed to help wherever needed, with their global networks that enable swift responses and support?

    1. I will readily admit that evangelicals have been slow to get in this work, but once in, they work HARD, and they GIVE like crazy. It really does put “liberals” to shame, as Kristof would say.

      But, again, it is SO interesting that this just seems like a new revelation to guys like this!

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