Some respect. Who knew?

Nicholas Kristof is a columnist for The New York Times. I have admired his work when he goes to Africa and writes of the horror he witnesses constantly in that area of the world. He focused on the Sudan years ago and brought a lot of awareness to the genocide in that country. In this columnContinue reading “Some respect. Who knew?”

Just Living Out Faith

There have been many reflections in all kinds of places on the life of John Stott since his passing this week. One of the kindest pieces I have read is from Nicholas Krisotff. This piece demonstrates the mental contortions we enter into in our world. As a conservative, evangelical Pentecostal, I see and experience theseContinue reading “Just Living Out Faith”

Compassion and Conservative Christians

Who knew? Obviously, no one had any idea “conservative” Christians could be compassionate… that is until someone like the New York Time officially recognizes that, hey, conservative Christians actually do some good! Okay, NOW, conservative Christians can be considered as compassionate. (It was like the media “discovering” Pentecostals in 2006, the 100th Anniversary of AzusaContinue reading “Compassion and Conservative Christians”