Some respect. Who knew?

Nicholas Kristof is a columnist for The New York Times. I have admired his work when he goes to Africa and writes of the horror he witnesses constantly in that area of the world. He focused on the Sudan years ago and brought a lot of awareness to the genocide in that country.

In this column he openly admits he has little time for evangelicals. In fact…

Today, among urban Americans and Europeans, “evangelical Christian” is sometimes a synonym for “rube.” In liberal circles, evangelicals constitute one of the few groups that it’s safe to mock openly.

So, that’s no secret, to be sure.

But what Kristof also admits is he can’t get around liking a few of them every once in awhile. Of course, most of the comments following his column mock him severely for even thinking such a stupid thought. Who can really like evangelicals? Get a brain, Kristof!

Kristof knows so many doctors and nurses doing relief work are not necessarily believers, but here is a huge admission on his part:

But I must say that a disproportionate share of the aid workers I’ve met in the wildest places over the years, long after anyone sensible had evacuated, have been evangelicals, nuns or priests.

Dear God! Evangelicals actually put their faith on the line and do something! Who knew?

Kudos to Kristof for making such bold statements. He will get uninvited to a lot of cocktail parties again. But… that’s the price of a liberal actually thinking and observing every once in awhile. 🙂

The next time you hear someone at a cocktail party mock evangelicals, think of Dr. Foster and those like him. These are folks who don’t so much proclaim the gospel as live it. They deserve better.

It’s the quiet living out of the power of the Kingdom that simply helps this world be a better place. It’s not the yelling over the blogosphere, or the yelling on a “news” show. It’s the living out of the gospel. It IS good news, and we live it out in so many ways… every day.

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