All the shouting and we forget something

We’ve just gone ballistic. Between World Vision and the Supreme Court case with Hobby Lobby, we’re just plain nuts. I’ve done all I can to just read and evaluate and pray… but we’re just going nuts. As I sit here watching Facebook and Twitter just explode with anger (as it did yesterday with the first World Vision decision),Continue reading “All the shouting and we forget something”

Book Review — The Hole in Our Gospel

I am grateful to Thomas Nelson for the review copy of The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns. Part autobiography, part biblical challenge, Stearns wants to raise our awareness to the needs of the poor in the world. More than that, he wants us to realize the amazing resources we already have at ourContinue reading “Book Review — The Hole in Our Gospel”

Compassion and Conservative Christians

Who knew? Obviously, no one had any idea “conservative” Christians could be compassionate… that is until someone like the New York Time officially recognizes that, hey, conservative Christians actually do some good! Okay, NOW, conservative Christians can be considered as compassionate. (It was like the media “discovering” Pentecostals in 2006, the 100th Anniversary of AzusaContinue reading “Compassion and Conservative Christians”