The Politics of Power

For years I have had the realization that American politics is ONLY about power. I have carried no delusions about my party winning and then God would bless America once again. It is straight up power. They can yack about how they have the will of the people in mind, but when they get elected… game over. It’s about power.

David Brooks hits the nail on this head in this column. He says it far more articulately that I ever could. This paragraph is spot on:

“…populism is popular with the ruling class. Ever since I started covering politics, the Democratic ruling class has been driven by one fantasy: that voters will get so furious at people with M.B.A.’s that they will hand power to people with Ph.D.’s. The Republican ruling class has been driven by the fantasy that voters will get so furious at people with Ph.D.’s that they will hand power to people with M.B.A.’s. Members of the ruling class love populism because they think it will help their section of the elite gain power.”

Home run, Mr. Brooks.

On the Republican/conservative side (which is the source of my political upbringing), it was about saying to the right people, “Vote for us and abortion will be illegal. Vote for us and we’ll defend marriage.” Guess what? Nothing happened. They controlled the White House and both houses of Congress and did nothing on either issue.

On the Democrat/liberal side, it was about saying to the right people, “Vote for us and the poor will be taken care of. We will have healthcare reform. We will end global warming.” Guess what? Same story.

It’s about power. Their power. Now, with the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations and unions to pour millions of dollars into campaigning for their candidates, you really need to know your voice will never matter again. We will just shift from PhD’s to MBA’s and back. We’re the tennis ball in the rich boys’ tennis tournament.

3 thoughts on “The Politics of Power

  1. this is so true. It doesn’t matter anymore after the votes are in. both sides will say what they want to say, and pretend as they play this game. I like this quote…
    “Is it not worthy of tears that, when the number of worlds is infinite, we have not yet become lords of a single one?”
    Alexander the Great
    When asked why he wept on hearing there was an infinite number of worlds, from On the Tranquillity of the Mind, by Plutarch

  2. (Sigh) Another reason that Christians, as individuals and as the Church, need to be more concerned about changing peoples hearts than changing laws. Evangelize…don’t politicize your faith. Don’t allow our pulpits to become a haven for the empty rhetoric of political machination and power hungry grubs (no matter whose empty suit they may be wearing today.) Turn the world upside down with Christianity…not Congressional mandates. It isn’t about Tea, Taxes or TARP. Citizens first and foremost of Christ’s Kingdom…prepare to suffer the consequences of our faith.

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