The gods of our culture and the mark of the beast

I was listening to a teaching on eschatology given at a church camp by one of my favorite all-time teachers. Gordon Anderson has been president of North Central University for many years, but I was privileged to have him as a teacher when I was a student in my undergrad program before his appointment asContinue reading “The gods of our culture and the mark of the beast”

When the shoe is on the other foot…

Now, the call from the “left” is that it’s time to stop calling “fundamentalists” Christians. Which is okay, I suppose, because “fundamentalists” have thought “liberals” weren’t saved a long time ago. So… no one is the Kingdom now. Do we feel better now? There is no amount of pleading right now I could do… or anyone… toContinue reading “When the shoe is on the other foot…”

All the shouting and we forget something

We’ve just gone ballistic. Between World Vision and the Supreme Court case with Hobby Lobby, we’re just plain nuts. I’ve done all I can to just read and evaluate and pray… but we’re just going nuts. As I sit here watching Facebook and Twitter just explode with anger (as it did yesterday with the first World Vision decision),Continue reading “All the shouting and we forget something”

The Politics of Power

For years I have had the realization that American politics is ONLY about power. I have carried no delusions about my party winning and then God would bless America once again. It is straight up power. They can yack about how they have the will of the people in mind, but when they get elected…Continue reading “The Politics of Power”