When the shoe is on the other foot…

Now, the call from the “left” is that it’s time to stop calling “fundamentalists” Christians.

Which is okay, I suppose, because “fundamentalists” have thought “liberals” weren’t saved a long time ago.

So… no one is the Kingdom now.

Do we feel better now?

There is no amount of pleading right now I could do… or anyone… to keep the shouting down. We’re just determined to set up new “fundamentalisms” and declare who is “in” and who is “out.”

In this, Christ is lost, and the Church continues to fail to listen, to pray, and to REPENT. 

Not that this will do any good whatsoever, but I would warn those on the “left” who are choosing to be shrill that 30 years ago those on the “right” were “in” when it came to influence… and look where that landed them. Now, those on the “left” who are shrill enough to be graced with column inches on the Huff and Puff Post are feeling the good times.

Just remember… it cycles. When you want to play this world’s games and find favorites in this world’s systems… this world’s systems WILL chew you up and spit you out.

I know this goes unheeded, but I said it.

2 thoughts on “When the shoe is on the other foot…

  1. Good thoughts Dan. I like how anyone who disagrees with the left (respectfully) is labelled a fundamentalist. It has been my experience that there are just as many fundamentalists on the left as there are on the right. Meanwhile the majority middle remains silent because it is boring and ordinary.

  2. I prefer to call them conservative. Whether they’re Christians or not isn’t my call. Just like declaring someone saved or not isn’t their call.

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