I love talk radio. It has been an addiction of mine for several years. Lately, however, I have become aggravated. Left wing, right wing, no wing, there are talk radio stations for every stripe. The aggravation is in this: there is a lot of talking and very little listening.

And on the bizarre news side, a tale of a very polite bank robber. In Winona, MN, and man offers a note to the bank teller saying he is going to rob the bank. He begins the note by stating his name! It is the ultimate “Minnesota Nice” robbery!

The heat of rhetoric only increases when it comes to politics and religion. Cal Thomas often offers a very reasoned voice on the views. He once served with Jerry Falwell in the Moral Majority and is now a columnist. He has shied away from politics and power and for good reason. A commentary I saw in the Washington Times gives some great thoughts on political might and the religious right.

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