I think have figured out theological education.

The goal is to bash any opposing views. Humiliate them. Don’t worry if they might be “brothers in Christ”. Just bash them. If you hold to Reform views, make sure you bash the living daylights out of evangelical beliefs. If you hold to evangelical views, make sure you take down those “liberals”. Oh, and be sure to be as nasty as you possibly can about it.

One professor I have in seminary once remarked, “I want to be known for my center, not my boundaries.” In other words, the goal is to be known through Christ. Too often we want to be defined by our boundaries.

That’s a nice sentiment, but I don’t think those in theological education really know what it means to LIVE by it. I doubt too many in the Church know how to live by it as well.

If I am known by my center, and that Center would be Christ, just how would that look? What does the Center of Christ in ME look like?

I would need to avoid those “boundary issues”. Abortion. Gay rights. Environment. Political bent. All that.

What is CENTRAL? Loving God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. Loving my neighbor as myself. Being able to speak the TRUTH in love. Knowing biblical truth and communicating it with love, yet not holding back. Walking in true freedom would mean I would not manipulate others to my opinion, nor would I allow others to attempt to manipulate me. The opinions of others would not sway me in making a difference on how I view them, or worrying about how they view me.

Christ my center. Is it being formed in me? That is the question.

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