What have we come to in the United States?

Unreal real estate!

When it comes to my own personal search for views on the world situation today, I find only conflict. Quite honestly, I have grown up conservative and Republican, but the more I view the world and talk to different people, even with “evangelical Christianity”, I have hesitations about how some things are being done.

A book review in the Washington Times recently interested me. The problem is when a “conservative” sounds off with doubts, they are castigated pretty quickly. The “good news”, if there can be any in that scenario, is the same thing happens when a liberal sounds off, too!

A professor at Luther Seminary once said, “I want to be known for my center, not my boundaries.” What defines us? Are we known for Christ being our center, or for what divides us politically or theologically? If we are truly Christ centered, there will be issues that will alternately tick off “liberals” and “conservatives”.

The more I want to be an apprentice to Jesus, the more I find issues that do not seem to have clear cut answers.

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