I miss my Dad’s generation.

When it comes to work around the church, I miss my Dad’s generation.

His generation has a fierce loyalty to place. When a church work day was called, you would show up and actually work. There were always those who came to drink the coffee, eat the donuts, and talk to the ones working, but with my Dad, he came to work.

Not so these days. Call for a work day at church and you get the crickets chirping. No one shows up. They are “unavoidably detained” or some other such thing. Some may show up, but only to pick up something they left at the church last Sunday, then sit and talk to you while you work.

A few years ago my Dad went through triple by-pass heart surgery. At the time their church was in a building project and the men of the church were finishing out the interior. About six to eight weeks after the surgery, my Dad was up on scaffolding holding 16 foot pieces of sheet rock in place. While I do not advise this as a recovery process from heart surgery, I wish I had more men with my Dad’s true “heart” for serving!

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