Running from God? Good luck

“(The hard experiences) were only graces in the sense that God in His mercy was permitting me to fly as far as I could from His love but at the same time preparing to confront me, at the end of it all, and in the bottom of the abyss, when I thought I had goneContinue reading “Running from God? Good luck”

The perseverance of prayer

My goal this year is to attempt to re-read some key books that have influenced my life and to slow down on the number of books I read this year to try to read deeper. I am not sure how the “slower” is going to go, but I did finish Merton’s Seven Storey Mountain as my firstContinue reading “The perseverance of prayer”

Withdrawal is not the same as retreat

Several years ago I was sharing with a historian in our denomination my work on the monks of the 4th Century in Egypt and what I was learning about their “Pentecostal” experience. He dismissed it quickly, saying that he wasn’t interested in people who retreated from culture and the world instead of engaging it. WeContinue reading “Withdrawal is not the same as retreat”

Merton and “Conversion”

What has attracted me to Seven Storey Mountain over the years is the process of coming to faith. Merton sees his life in process and even when he “comes to faith,” it’s a process. The passage of his confession and baptism into the Catholic Church is still one of the most moving passages I have ever read. He details theContinue reading “Merton and “Conversion””

Merton and Seven Storey Mountain

My goal for reading this year is to read slllllooooowwwwweeeerr… and repeat some books. Repeating books: check. Slower: ummmm. The one book I have read multiple times… okay… a second book I have read multiple times is Seven Storey Mountain, the autobiography of Thomas Merton. This is my first read of the year. This book is very easyContinue reading “Merton and Seven Storey Mountain”

Fighting the Noon Day Demon

I have begun reading Thomas Merton’s The Waters of Siloe, which follows up his wonderful autobiography, Seven Storey Mountain. This book will give more detail to his life at the monastery in Kentucky. Early in the book he gives a reminder to monastic orders, or spiritual orders of any kind, really, that is a greatContinue reading “Fighting the Noon Day Demon”

Embracing the Silence

As I am away on a silent retreat, I wanted to leave some thoughts on silence and solitude. These are from Thomas Merton. “In order to find God in ourselves, we must stop looking at ourselves, stop checking and verifying ourselves in the mirror of our own futility, and be content to be in HimContinue reading “Embracing the Silence”

Spiritual Reading

I am working my way through Thomas Merton’s Seven Storey Mountain again. I am not good at re-reading many books, but this one I’ve ready probably 5 times. It is his story of coming to faith and entering the monastery as a Cistercian brother. As he came to faith, he struggled his first year. HeContinue reading “Spiritual Reading”

New Year… New Opportunities

I enter this year with hope, as always. I enter this year with plans, as always. Then, I look back on a year and realize… well… not many things may have ended up happening as planned. Consistency and intentionality are always key. This month begins a journey. The Lord has been challenging me on prayerContinue reading “New Year… New Opportunities”