Take up the high calling

“Whoever you are, the land to which God has brought you is not like the land of Egypt from which you came out. You can no longer live there. Your old life and your former ways are crucified now, and you must not seek to live any more for your own gratification, but give up yourContinue reading “Take up the high calling”

It is time for a renewed hunger

I am working my way through a book by Andy Lord called Transforming Renewal: Charismatic Renewal Meets Thomas Merton  The book is a comparison of the teaching of David Watson and Thomas Merton. I know a David Watson, so I quickly discovered they’re not the same men… mainly because the David Watson in Lord’s book diedContinue reading “It is time for a renewed hunger”

One vocation

I am finishing Merton’s autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain.  His call was ultimately to the monastic life. He became a Cistercian monk and led the way in contemplative life that has served as example for generations of believers following him. His writing has paved the way. The simplicity of vocation isn’t about giving up everything andContinue reading “One vocation”

White. Male. Evangelical. Pentecostal.

A CALL TO AMERICAN EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS I very rarely read a book than once. Outside of the Bible, there are a handful I’ve made a second attempt at. Beyond that, it’s been Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy and one more: Thomas Merton’s autobiography The Seven Storey Mountain. Those of you who read me enough think I’m a WillardContinue reading “White. Male. Evangelical. Pentecostal.”

No fear of the topic of hell

“Why should anyone be shattered by the thought of hell? It is not compulsory for anyone to go there. Those who do, do so by their own choice, and against the will of God, and they can only get into hell by defying and resisting all the work of Providence and grace.” — Thomas Merton,Continue reading “No fear of the topic of hell”