The deep need is discipleship

I am making another trek through Thomas Merton’s autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain. As he came to faith in the Catholic Church, he made an observation about the need for discipleship in his own life. 

“I should have sought constant and complete spiritual direction.”

He reflected that his first year after baptism wouldn’t have been so messy if he had taken the step to seek spiritual direction on a constant basis.

Merton understood the need for high ideals. He knew his own life and what he needed was a high calling. Without a rigorous call, he felt he slipped into a nominal walk with Christ he described in this way:

“I simply slipped into the ranks of tepid and dull and sluggish and indifferent Christians who live a life that still half animal, and who barely put up a struggle to keep the breath of grace alive in their souls.”

Well, Mr. Merton, tell it like it is!

Following Christ isn’t for the lazy.

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