Right thinking

We don’t seem to be in the mood for it these days in our culture, but what is needed now more than ever is right thinking.

A new book compiling some of the work of Dallas Willard starts with what Dallas did best: think. He calls us to right thinking. And where that starts is the Word of God.

And so we must apply our thinking to the Word of God. We must thoughtfully take that Word in, dwell upon it, ponder its meaning, explore its implications — especially as it relates to our own lives. We must thoughtfully set it into practice. In doing so, we will be assisted by God’s grace in ways far beyond anything we can understand on our own; and the ideas and images that governed the life of Christ through his thought life will possess us.

Right thinking is vital right now. When emotions are high, when rhetoric is divisive… right thinking is needed. This is where the Church should be leading the way.
Renewing the Christian Mind: Essays, Interviews, and Talks

Leadership thoughts along the way today



Where our minds dwell

We get the opportunity to choose where our minds settle. We can choose our thought patterns in many ways. It is work. Too often it is so much easier to “drift” and allow the junk to float right in.

Let us choose to reflect on the goodness of God today.

I will dwell on your mighty acts, my Lord.
    Lord, I will help others remember nothing but your righteous deeds. (Ps. 71:16)

The need to teach THINKING

We are a culture given to extremes. Rather than living in the balances of feasting and fasting, we go to the extremes of obesity and anorexia. That is not just concerning food.

And we highlight the extremes in our culture, wildly cheering one side or wildly despairing over the other extreme. We don’t like the center.

We need a discernment process to know what is necessary and good in our lives, keeping centered.

We need a Kingdom center, not a culture fringe.