I need more “pain in the mind”

In an age of sound bites and Twitter feeds, many Christian leaders are so busy trying to keep up with current events that few of us take time to stop, to study, and to struggle for the sake of teaching God’s people. All too often, we take a side and stick to it without theContinue reading “I need more “pain in the mind””

Leadership thoughts along the way today

As a leader if I am not building up other people I am failing at my calling. #leadership — Dan Thompson (@cdanielthompson) May 24, 2016   No matter the size of your church, you have the resources and gifts to BE the Kingdom of God. Pastor, equip them! #leadership — Dan Thompson (@cdanielthompson) May 24,Continue reading “Leadership thoughts along the way today”

Where our minds dwell

We get the opportunity to choose where our minds settle. We can choose our thought patterns in many ways. It is work. Too often it is so much easier to “drift” and allow the junk to float right in. Let us choose to reflect on the goodness of God today. I will dwell on your mighty acts, my Lord.     Lord, IContinue reading “Where our minds dwell”