I need more “pain in the mind”

In an age of sound bites and Twitter feeds, many Christian leaders are so busy trying to keep up with current events that few of us take time to stop, to study, and to struggle for the sake of teaching God’s people. All too often, we take a side and stick to it without the discipline of listening or questioning our instincts. The thin veneer of our discipleship is showing cracks as a result. (MORE HERE)

I need fewer “hot takes” in my life. I need less influence from the spiraling habit I have of social media. My life needs more wandering through the life of the Scriptures than ever before. My mind needs more wrestling with what the Kingdom is all about and as events of the day unfold before me find the guidance of the Spirit in a more clear manner.

I need more John Stott and Eugene Peterson and less of noise calling out for me at full rage tilt all the time.

open book on black mat beside grey ceramic mug
Photo Credit: Aaron Burden, Unsplash

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