Insist on Right Thinking

Paul insisted on right thinking. (Eph. 4:17)

He didn’t want believers to have their minds trained by the world. He wanted them to know they could train better. They could learn Christ

This is our task. Let me give you one concrete step in this direction:

Think on justice.

WAIT… back it up…

Understand what I am asking you to do is not a five minute exercise… now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Sunday morning, think on justice. On this day, just write down a couple of key thoughts:

  1. What do YOU think “justice” is? What comes to mind?
  2. What other definitions are out there? What do you see in culture? On the news? In social media? What are others defining as “justice?”
  3. Are you attaching other descriptors to this word? (Like… social justice?) If so… why?

Monday, think on justice. On this day, give a look into Scripture. Begin with a basic search on the word through a free resource called Blue Letter Bible. In the “search” box type in “justice”. In the translation bar just below that, click on your favorite translation (NIV, ESV, etc.). See what you come up with.

Tuesday, think on justice. On this day, begin to look through basic Bible language definitions of this word. Blue Letter Bible can be a beginning help on this. But, look up the verses you find. Where do you see this word pop up? Is there a book of the Bible that has this word more than others? Explore why this may be.

You get the idea… THINK. Explore. Move away from personal definitions, cultural definitions, and move into some exploration that just may rattle your thinking. Let us enter into an exercise of THINKING so that we shove out what does not belong and our minds are more engaged on what is CHRIST.


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