And Yet Again, What of Evangelicals?

We have been decrying the decline of the “liberals.” Alternately, there has been the call for the end of “conservatives.” All in the Church. Not even in politics! Now, John Ortberg has us wringing our hands about evangelicals again. Not really. I just wanted to be sensational in my headline. This is a well-thought outContinue reading “And Yet Again, What of Evangelicals?”

Building Spiritual Muscle

In Matthew 6 we get those verse that talk about trusting God for the basics of life. What to wear, what to eat, etc. Trust him. Easier said than done, I know. Wow, do I know! I live in more anxiety than I’m willing to admit! (And I happen to be admitting some, so just think…) So,Continue reading “Building Spiritual Muscle”

In the Kingdom the Clean “Infects” the Unclean

Matthew 8 is bold. Jesus touches the leper. The rule of the day was to quarantine the “unclean” because if the “unclean” touched the “clean,” the “clean” would become infected. Jesus reverses the effect. The Kingdom is about reversal. As Dallas Willard points out, that’s the whole point of the Beatitudes. It is demonstrating thatContinue reading “In the Kingdom the Clean “Infects” the Unclean”

Contending for the Faith

Instead, I must write to urge you to fight for the faith delivered once and for all to God’s holy people. (Jude 1:3b, CEB) Jude interrupts his intended letter to change direction. He is warning the readers of something so dangerous he is fairly vehement in his warnings. The question is this: Is there anything worthContinue reading “Contending for the Faith”

Pastors as Theologians

One of the topics I have wrestled with for quite some time is the idea of pastors as theologians, or theologians as pastors. As a pastor, I have grown over the years in my ability to think theologically. I earned my Master’s 20 years after I finished my BA. I love pastoring. What I haveContinue reading “Pastors as Theologians”

Thoughts on the Holy Spirit

“…the Holy Spirit is single and simple in very respect equally (to God the Father and God the Son)… whatever He may be besides, He is Himself Goodness, and Wisdom, and Power, and Sanctification, and Righteousness, and Everlastingness, and Imperishability, and every name that is lofty, and elevating above other names… “He ever ‘searches theContinue reading “Thoughts on the Holy Spirit”


I am wrapping up a semester of teaching basic theology to students. I am taking them through an exercise where they are developing their own statement of faith. Interestingly enough, I have come across posts about essential theology. T.C. links to Pen and Parchment for the discussion. There are some good thoughts. One thing toContinue reading “Essential”