Progression isn’t always good

“Modernity is above all things convinced… that is owes nothing to the past, that it has made itself, that what matters most is what is happening right now. Indeed, this is the meaning of the freedom, power, and progress that we all prize.” — Michael Allen Gillespie quoted in Theology as Retrieval. 

This actually has a connotation that “post-modernism” still has remnants of modernity. We are in a day in American theology when we “know” something better than Paul or other biblical writers. We have more “freedom” because “they” just didn’t understand some things like WE do…

In some instances that is true. In a theological sense? I simply say most of the time, “Get a life!” We cannot ignore what has gone before, especially when it comes to the eyewitness account of the gospel, and think we’re somehow “better!”

What we define as “progress” and “freedom” may lead us right back into a new bondage simply because we think we got something “right” and Paul and other witnesses of the gospel just didn’t “know enough.”

We need to pay more attention to the cloud of witnesses.

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