Prayers for the Church in these times

The Lord seems to have increased my burden in prayer for the American Church. I ran across this prayer (in part) this morning: Revive your Church, Lord God of hosts, whenever it falls into complacency and sloth, by raising up devoted leaders… and grant that their faith and vigor of mind may awaken your peopleContinue reading “Prayers for the Church in these times”

Irrelevant leadership

Henri Nouwen in his wonderful little book titled In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership shows just how “out of touch” he was in his day. Irrelevant leadership? Puh-leeeaaze!  The temptation is to be relevant. To show power, ability, or rightness. “Words like right-wing, reactionary, conservative, liberal, and left wing are used to describe people’s opinionsContinue reading “Irrelevant leadership”