The Broken (and Rich) Political System

Chuck Colson’s article is well worth reading. I remember during the second bailout a couple of years ago joking around with someone. He asked, “When will I get my share of this bailout?” I replied, “Well, let’s do the math. Did you give huge boatloads of money to either political party?” “No,” he replied. “ThenContinue reading “The Broken (and Rich) Political System”

Whiplash Politics and Microwave Christianity

David Brooks of the New York Times hits the nail on the head today. (HERE.) We think so highly of ourselves, we just think we can whip this economy back into shape without realizing the depth of the problem and that TIME will really help in pulling ourselves out of the mess. This is leadingContinue reading “Whiplash Politics and Microwave Christianity”

We May Not Agree, But We Need Not Hate

“If you love only those who love you, why should you get credit for that? Even sinners love those who love them!” (Luke 6:27, NLT) I truly enjoy blogging and exchanging ideas. There are quite a few things I choose not to engage in on this particular blog, though I might give it a swingContinue reading “We May Not Agree, But We Need Not Hate”

The Politics of Power

For years I have had the realization that American politics is ONLY about power. I have carried no delusions about my party winning and then God would bless America once again. It is straight up power. They can yack about how they have the will of the people in mind, but when they get elected…Continue reading “The Politics of Power”