So… It’s Trump

All conventional wisdom has been thrown out the window and Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president. Barring a complete collapse, Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee for president.

As someone who has always urged people to be responsible citizens and VOTE… the question just may be… what now? (It is for me, anyway.)

Russell Moore had some thoughts on “the lesser of two evils” approach.

Living in Minnesota, it honestly doesn’t matter how I vote because this state has been solidly “blue” for decades.

Some thoughts:

  1. It won’t happen, but the media (lazy cubicle-dwelling Twitter followers that they have become) needs to knock it off talking about the “evangelical” vote like we all think the same. It’s becoming ridiculous.
  2. Major Christian outlets need to do the same. Evangelicals don’t vote in “blocks” any more. It’s silliness.
  3. We don’t get to vote for Jesus. (And, thankfully, Jesus doesn’t need our vote.)

We live in shifting times. Trump and Sanders have both exposed real issues in the electorate. There are large numbers of people being ignored when it comes to getting things done in government and while I seriously doubt the Republicans and Democrats will “get it,” there is a seismic shift that is happening in this cycle. They would do well to pay attention.

I seriously doubt they will.

For believers, we need to learn new paradigms. If you are 40 and over, it is needed NOW. I have been trying to prepare people for 15 years, but I’m one small voice. Maybe now we’ll pay attention. Hopefully the Church isn’t as dense as the media or the standing political parties.

Voting is important. How that shakes out for me… well, I am not sure I’ll get it figured out too soon.

Getting involved is even more important. Not just in running for office, but being involved in what is going on at the local level. What is important to your neighborhood? What will bless your city? How can we extend the hand of Christ to the community around us in a way that BLESSES?

Isn’t it time to be better about what we’re FOR rather than what we’re against?

Tough days are ahead. We need to get Spirit-anointed minds in gear and see what the Spirit has ahead in some uncharted waters.

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