How to live in the change

We are watching major culture shifts, political shifts, world shifts all around us. These are “dynamic” times. They need not be fearful times! As the people of God the constant exhortation is fear not. 

With these major shifts, how do we live IN this change?

Don’t be full of anxiety

We get upset. We decry the “fall of America.” We get too tangled up in being American AND Christian.

We are going to learn what it means to be the MINORITY REPORT. We have had the majority voice for so long, but most of the world just doesn’t operate that way. It’s time to get out of our bubble. DO NOT FEAR. DO NOT BE FULL OF ANXIETY.

We need the power of the Holy Spirit to help us adjust. We need constant prayer. We need constant learning. We need to give up the political action and power we have had for so long. Don’t look to ANY political party to solve issues. Work with them? Yes. Rely on one party to carry your agenda? Forget it. We need to walk in the Spirit so that no matter what, we learn to live in Kingdom goodness.

BLESS the culture

Joseph, Esther, and Daniel were all in enemy cultures. They had been ripped away from what they knew and plunged into enemy territory. Daniel and Esther were captive. Their country was gone. Yet, they lived in Babylon and Persia, SPOKE THE LANGUAGE, learned the customs, and still held to their faith. Joseph rose to the top because he could AID the Egyptian ruler. Daniel rose to the top of government, the ENEMY government, learning to hear God and BLESS the king. There was even the episode where Nebuchadnezzar had a vision that would mean his demise and Daniel wished it WOULD NOT happen! We need that kind of heart.

We need to walk in the Spirit

Over and over I will say this. We need to walk in new ways in uncharted waters.

Old paradigm: If we didn’t get our way, we would sue! We would VOTE! We would demand “godly” leaders. We became one issue voters. We ACTED. We went for the VICTORY. We saw things in terms of “winning” and “losing.”

New paradigm: Where do we see the activity of the Spirit in this culture? Where do we see opportunity to BLESS? For us, it’s been in feeding teachers, or helping on community committees, or serving on neighborhood boards, or speaking out against injustice. Find the places of AGREEMENT.

Let us live boldly in the change.

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