Divine Appointments

We are into a new series at Heights Church on the Holy Spirit. Next week I am teaching on the empowerment of the Spirit for witness. Sometimes we run into situations where we get into a conversation, or reach out in a particular action, that when we think about it later it seems that was reallyContinue reading “Divine Appointments”

The Church and the Holy Spirit

“Through the Spirit the church becomes for the world Christ’s body, the way the world is given continuing, bodily assurance that Jesus Christ is Lord.” — Hauerwas and Willimon, The Holy Spirit  We live out the presence of Christ every day. We have the opportunity to bring the presence of Christ into this world… in power.Continue reading “The Church and the Holy Spirit”

The Holy Spirit and prayer

That the Holy Spirit “will teach you everything, and remind you” of all that Jesus said is immensely reassuring. None of us is born Christian. We must learn the faith, and in the Holy Spirit we see that God loves us enough to teach us all we need to know to be with God. JesusContinue reading “The Holy Spirit and prayer”