Thinking about thoughtfulness

For all of my love for things tactile, like real books and real pens, I’ve lost touch in this fast paced culture.

I still get Christmas cards from people… and haven’t sent one out myself for years.

Well, Christmas is past, but I want to start something up again in my life: I want to jot a note… an actual note… to people when I think of them.

Of course, that means correcting another problem I’ve had over the years: I’ve let email and Facebook take up my space and I don’t have actual addresses of hardly anyone.

So, here is my project and YOU can help:

I truly want to write notes again. All through the year. Not just at Christmas. So, if you will take the time to email me your address, or message me on Facebook with your address, I promise I will jot a note to you. (Please don’t post your address on Facebook, or in the comments here.)

It’s not a big deal for you to get a note from me, but I sure would like to reinstate a habit in my life and updating my actual address book would be a nice start. It would be a big deal for me to think of you as I jot a note.

If you would like to help, just shoot me the info!

The Transitions of Life

My friend Dave is leaving me this week. It’s an emotional break up for me. 😉

Dave and I met when he was in the Army and Terri and I were moving back to my hometown in Kansas. As travels, careers, families tend to do, we lost contact for many years. A few years ago, after we had moved back to Minneapolis and had settled in as pastors in our current church, I got an email from Dave. He had actually moved back to the Twin Cities as well. He was looking through church websites and saw my name. Taking a chance, he emailed, wondering if I was the guy he knew in Leavenworth, Ks.

We connected over coffee and ever since that time to now, we’ve been close. Dave has come over just about every week to hang out with us. He’s been a surrogate uncle to our boys… and to two dogs.

Dave and I have had the best conversations about faith, politics, business, economics, philosophy, sports… on and on.

And then he met Carolyn.

Dave had a standing rule with Terri and I (and especially Terri) that we had to sign off on any relationships. It took a bit of time, but he finally got enough courage to have Carolyn meet us. She is wonderful. Her and Dave are so meant for each other, and I could tell Dave was just swept away by this great lady.

The problem: Carolyn’s work was in San Francisco, and then it took her to Nashville.

So, Dave is moving this week. They are engaged and looking forward to a great life together.

I hate these transitions. Dave’s friendship means more to me than I can find words to express. I am so deeply happy for him and Carolyn and it is so obvious that God is in this move, it’s hard for me to be sad. Yet, I am.

We’ll text all the time. And I love those texts.

But I will miss the conversations. Our dog will miss the treats. Dave spoiled him rotten.

Dave is so blessed to find Carolyn. Carolyn is so lucky to get this guy.

These recent years with Dave’s friendship have been wonderful. I am a better man because of Dave’s friendship. I will continue to grow and we will continue to talk. Just not as much.

Many blessings to my incredible friend Dave and my new friend Carolyn.