Trustworthy friends

My Daily Office readings have me in the Book of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) currently. This is a time I am appreciative of translations like the Common English Bible that help those not so common passages (to me) make more sense.

Trustworthy friends are a strong shelter;
whoever finds one
has found a treasure.
Trustworthy friends have no price,
and no one can estimate their worth.
Trustworthy friends are life’s medicine,
and those who fear the Lord
will find them.
Those who fear the Lord
will direct their friendships well,
because they will associate with people
of like mind. (Sirach 6:12-17, CEB)

In this season I give thanks for trustworthy friends. I don’t need dozens of them. There are a few, though, and for them I give thanks.

These are friends where I find shelter. These folks are treasures to me. Time and again we find ways to come through for each other, but I confess I’ve found them coming through for me a lot more than I’ve come through for them.

We need these faithful friends in our lives. Lifelong friends who are there and we know God has brought us together.

I am blessed.

unknown persons standing outdoors
Photo credit: Dim Hou, Unsplash

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