The dangerous prayer

The prayer of forgiveness is the dangerous prayer. It is the most shocking action taken by God. Instead of forgiveness, our generation has been taught the vague notion of tolerance. The is, at best, a low-grade parody of forgiveness. At worst, it’s a way of sweeping the real issues in human life under the carpet.Continue reading “The dangerous prayer”

Being people of hope

N.T. Wright leaves us with a powerful reminder of our call as the Church in his book, Surprised by Scripture.  The mission of the church is to drag people into buildings or to run raffles or issues statements. At some point having a place to worship, having funding, and stating beliefs do matter, but it’s notContinue reading “Being people of hope”

The power of forgiveness in Charleston mystifies our culture

On and on the pundits go, on the left and on the right, as to how something about that act of forgiveness the family members of the shooting in Charleston extended to the killer isn’t right! It’s not a matter of some “order” to forgive. It’s not a matter of the killer accepting it. ItContinue reading “The power of forgiveness in Charleston mystifies our culture”

His kingdom is NOT of this world

It is still amazing to me how the powerful forgiveness demonstrated by the families of the Emanuel AME members who were slain a week ago. Some reactions are very real with emotion. They can’t forgive. That makes sense. There are atrocities that hit and we think, “I just can’t do it.” It’s an emotional response that isContinue reading “His kingdom is NOT of this world”

The astonishing power of forgiveness

Two articles I came across the last couple of days completely missed the power of the Church and forgiveness. One from the “left” and the other from the “right.” One column declared blacks need to quit forgiving white racists. Forgiveness has become a requirement for those enduring the realities of black death in America. ThatContinue reading “The astonishing power of forgiveness”

The Capacity of Growth in the Kingdom of God

“If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” (Matt. 6:14-15, NLT) These are a couple of verse we like to skip when we go through the Lord’s Prayer, but they are two of the mostContinue reading “The Capacity of Growth in the Kingdom of God”

Narcissicistic Christianity

I admire people who write well, and say things I try to say. When I write them it’s just not very fluid. This post on “Jesus and me broke up” is outstanding. It encapsulates my thoughts on what is going wrong in American Christianity. We have a Christianity that isn’t about Jesus. It’s about “me.”Continue reading “Narcissicistic Christianity”