His kingdom is NOT of this world

It is still amazing to me how the powerful forgiveness demonstrated by the families of the Emanuel AME members who were slain a week ago.

Some reactions are very real with emotion. They can’t forgive. That makes sense. There are atrocities that hit and we think, “I just can’t do it.” It’s an emotional response that is real.

Others have said if you’re a family member, you can’t forgive because only the one offended can issue forgiveness. In the same vein, someone wrote if the killer isn’t repentant, he can’t be forgiven.

It is all reflective of a reality: we don’t understand the Kingdom of God. We don’t get “his rules.” And it leaves us scratching our heads. We want vengeance. We want bitterness. We want to hold on and hope that somehow destroys the offender.

But that is the difference in kingdoms. Kingdom allegiance to Jesus quite simply has a different sent of principles and they aren’t easily understood by the kingdoms of this world.

Forgiveness frees people. It doesn’t mean the killer goes to heaven. That’s between him and God. It does mean those family members walk in a freedom that can’t be explained… or understood… by a lot of other people.

His kingdom is NOT of this world.

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