The systems we still deal with and refuse to acknowledge

Derek Chauvin, the former police officer convicted of the murder of George Floyd, agreed to a guilty plea this week on civil rights charges from the federal government. He is admitting he violated George Floyd’s civil rights on the night he killed Floyd.

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White evangelicalism is a political movement

David French knows how to get at the point and with incredible insight and well reasoned arguments. He is not afraid to adjust his assumptions and thinking as new shifts and actions come to light. I feel his pain all too often. I had a moment like that this past weekend.

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The “Second Coming” and what we may not want

I am reading NT Wright’s biography on the Apostle Paul currently and once again in awe of Wright’s grasp of 1st Century Judaism. He talks about the conversion of Saul and walks the reader through what “preaching” really was in that day (which is far different from what we have in our minds today), along with expectation and LACK of expectation among the Jews about the coming of Messiah.

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Second Sunday of Advent

For Christians, Advent is not a time of opening up little windows with chocolates as we await the really big booty of presents under the tree on Christmas morning. That is not what we are waiting for. We are waiting for light, for God to renew and heal the world, a promise that we understand to have been mysteriously embodied in a baby born in a manger.

Advent recognizes a profound spiritual truth — that we need not fear the dark. Instead, wait there. Under that blue cope of heaven, alert for the signs of dawn. Watch. For you cannot rush the night. But you can light candles. Sing some songs. Recite poetry. Say prayers. (Diana Butler Bass)