Post-Christian America

It was in the late 1980s when I read some of Charles Colson’s books on the turning of American “spirituality” into what he called (along with others) “post-Christian” America. What I appreciated about Colson at the time was I didn’t get a sense of hand ringing, but a path to how we shall live as believers in that environment.

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Things to Ponder

First up… I ponder the wonder of life BEFORE social media when it comes to May 4 and 5. Because NOW… I know on the May 4 there is a ton of Darth Vader memes coming at me with the “May the FOURTH be with you” jokes. And then Cinco de Mayo and memes of mayonnaise…

But on to other things to ponder!

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Immature Christianity

I am listening to a podcast series currently that interviews a pastor I’ve admired for many decades. It is a master class on ministry, leadership, and spirituality. A recent episode talked about his love for learning. He cultivates his spiritual learning and spoke frankly of a time when he was 45 years old and had this sense of being able to “coast” the rest of his time in ministry. It was an actual urge he felt inside.

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The places where I can be found “undone”

It sometimes come across as “too spiritual” or “spiritually cheesy” or other platitudes to say say, “This sounds a bit fake and overdone.”

When people see things like, “I read this passage (or heard this song, or read this book), and Jesus wrecked me.”

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Deep groaning needs to happen

Another weekend, another shooting. A teen party in a small town in Alabama. Four dead. Louisville. Nashville. It’s exhausting.

I know we get tired of hearing “thoughts and prayers.” I get tired because I know people are now saying it… and not even doing it for the victims.

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