I took this picture along Lake Superior on a hike. The Lord spoke strongly to me about resilience.

We are to PRESS IN. Persevere! Don’t give up.

Through the wind and the storms that tree has stood strong. It is time for the church to understand its roots… and to STAND.

Be resilient in prayer. Be resilient in faith. Stand. Do not give up. Trust the rootedness you have in Christ.

Minnesota Fatalism

We have reached new levels of fatalism in Minnesota. It is May 2. When I woke up this morning, I carefully made my way to the back door, braced myself, then looked out.

Seeing no snow, I almost screamed, “YES!”

It’s been a long winter.


Why We Hate Normal

There is such a battle to be unique, to be quirky, to be a bit odd… set out in some way. We just don’t like normal.

But in the “normal” we may find the power of God working through us. Yet, we will find in that moment that it will then be about GOD, and not us.

Which may be why we don’t like normal after all.


Daring Mother Nature

I passed a place last night that really was trying to stick it to the weather. It was a drive-in restaurant. Not drive-thru… drive-in, like an old A&W. You had to get out of your car in the 5 below weather, go to a window and order your food.

It wasn’t as surprising that they were open as the fact there was a sandwich board out front announcing: ICE CREAM.

That is making the most out of a bad situation.

I almost stopped to get some!

Lost in Transition

We live with transition all around us. I live in an urban area, so change is part of what stays the same.

This morning I was taking the bus, so when I transfer I walk through the IDS tower crystal court, which is essentially the heart of Minneapolis. I’ve walked that route for months. As I looked at new businesses going in, I began to think about what they were replacing. I found I could remember what was in one storefront only a few months ago, but I couldn’t remember some other store fronts.

Things get lost in transition. Memories fade quickly. What we think is permanent gets replaced, and sometimes that memory fades in the collective conscious.

It causes me to work harder to reflect on my journey in a more purposeful manner. To remember events. To remember people. And not lose them in transition.

Joyous National Coffee Day

Ode to Coffee

O! coffee, where art thou
When I need thee now?
In thy many flavoured blends
A hot cup would be godsend.

I cannot keep awake
Without a short coffee-break.
With thy life-giving aroma
Save me from going into a coma.

Java, Colombian or French Roast
Thy every flavour, I will toast.
To the end thy loyal slave
Three cups a day I will always crave.
(source: Ranjit Nair)