There’s a scene in the movie Field of Dreams… a movie that goes missed by so many as I teach college students these days… 

Anyway, there’s this scene near the end of the movie where Ray is mad because everyone gets to go out into the cornfield and disappear and he’s still hanging around. Terrence Mann gets to go, why doesn’t HE get to go?

Shoeless Joe Jackson asks Ray, “What do you want?”

Ray is aggravated, saying something like, “I’ve done all of this stuff. I’ve plowed under my corn, I’ve built this field, and I’ve never once asked what’s in it for me!”

Jackson asks, “What are you saying, Ray?”

Ray shouts back, “I’m saying… what’s in it for me?”

That scene.

There are times I feel like Ray.


One thought on “So there’s this scene…

  1. What’s in it for me may never be known by you but by generations to follow, or the way you affect people that you never know. You just have to BELIEVE!

    That is all for now.

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