Lost in Transition

We live with transition all around us. I live in an urban area, so change is part of what stays the same.

This morning I was taking the bus, so when I transfer I walk through the IDS tower crystal court, which is essentially the heart of Minneapolis. I’ve walked that route for months. As I looked at new businesses going in, I began to think about what they were replacing. I found I could remember what was in one storefront only a few months ago, but I couldn’t remember some other store fronts.

Things get lost in transition. Memories fade quickly. What we think is permanent gets replaced, and sometimes that memory fades in the collective conscious.

It causes me to work harder to reflect on my journey in a more purposeful manner. To remember events. To remember people. And not lose them in transition.

One thought on “Lost in Transition

  1. Dan, I walk every weekday morning in a older mall here in Mankato, the mall that used to be the throbbing heart of business here, but then a newer, bigger, and brighter mall was built, and most of the stores moved there quickly. It’s weird, but as I walk around the mall, I can remember so many stores that used to be in there. I can remember what it looked like as if it was only two weeks ago, but most of those stores have been gone for 20 years now. I don’t know that I have learned any wisdom from this, but it’s interesting that after a number of years of decline, the mall has come back. Now it’s occupied mostly by medical facilities and supporting businesses and other offices. It’s bright and clean again, but the way it was is still alive in my memory.

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