What has saved my sanity in many ways the past few years

A few years ago I found Phil Vischer doing a podcast. (Vischer was a co-founder of VeggieTales, which our boys grew up on and we consumed even after the boys were long gone.) He was chatting with Skye Jethani and Christian Taylor about what was happening to the evangelical world they thought they knew. ItContinue reading “What has saved my sanity in many ways the past few years”

Narcissism and church leadership

Power in the Church is so corrosive, and those effects are being played out constantly in front of the world in our American protestant churches. This interview with Skye Jethani and Scot McKnight is sobering. The interview starts around the 40 minute mark. As I work my way through the end of Galatians 5 andContinue reading “Narcissism and church leadership”

Leaving Babylon Part 4

This episode came from a lot of emotion because I had another conversation with another young minister who is leaving a conservative denomination because of the current partisan climate. The nice part of me wants to apologize for that, but I won’t. The closer we draw to the election, the more doubling down culturalized ChristiansContinue reading “Leaving Babylon Part 4”

Podcast — The ongoing issue of racism in our culture

I was privileged to interview two important voices in my life on the issue of racism in light of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Marlena Graves is an author and activist. Her forthcoming book The Way Up is Down is a wake up call to have our eyes on the marginalized in our world. DennisContinue reading “Podcast — The ongoing issue of racism in our culture”