Leaving Babylon Part 4

This episode came from a lot of emotion because I had another conversation with another young minister who is leaving a conservative denomination because of the current partisan climate. The nice part of me wants to apologize for that, but I won’t.

The closer we draw to the election, the more doubling down culturalized Christians are doing, leaving friends of color FAR behind. Our “George Floyd Moment” was just that… a moment. Shame on us.

What is ahead for the culturalized Church is hard and I let those emotions roll as I walked through Jeremiah 27-29. This isn’t easy or enjoyable. And it will probably be ignore. But I leave it as a witness.


New Podcast Episode is Up

I am working through current issues in light of some work I’ve done in recent years. I had called it “Living in Babylon” but I am thinking of renaming the working title to “Leaving Babylon.” I have the episode in video (below) or in audio here.

Podcast: Aftermath of the George Floyd murder

I have been wanting to move the conversation on racism these past few weeks. I reached out to youth speaker Terrence Talley in this conversation. Terrence speaks in school assemblies and youth camps and has impacted thousands of lives.

You can find out more about Terrence at TerrenceTalley.com.

The audio podcast is HERE.

The video version is HERE.