I have loved this city

It was over 20 years ago I picked up a book that helped me understand how I was wired. The realization in my life at the time was I was wired for urban life. It wasn’t about “gentrification” or some nirvana feel of high end coffee shops and five star restaurants in proximity to billionContinue reading “I have loved this city”

To Leavenworth (KS) High School 1982-1985

This is going to be a call that sounds strange. I graduated Leavenworth (KS) High School in 1984. One of the great benefits of Facebook (one of the FEW, maybe) has been reconnecting with some friends from that time in my life. There have been some interesting reconnections in this process. Straight up confession: IContinue reading “To Leavenworth (KS) High School 1982-1985”