The generosity of life I have received

Recently we were able to travel to the Twin Cities to get some time with family and conduct some business along the way. We flew into Minneapolis, rented a car, and headed to our hotel.

When we lived in the Cities for 20 years and drove out of town to visit family, there was a particular place along the highway I loved when we were driving back into the metro. I would come up over a rise and it would be my first glimpse at the Minneapolis skyline. I loved that moment. Every time. It was the signal I was home and I deeply loved where I lived.

When we were driving from the airport, it was further in than the normal place where I would first glimpse the city, but as I came onto the highway and could see that skyline looming so close, I felt that same excitement. It had been two years since my last visit and I had truly missed this place.

Minneapolis Skyline Photo Tour

If not for COVID, we would have been in Minneapolis the summer of 2020 when the upheaval from the murder of George Floyd was taking place. Most people think I’m completely off my rocker, but I would have given anything to be in the city during that time. I truly missed this place.

George Floyd Square

Our time in the city was fast and furious. We were able to spend some time with our kids. Every moment was meaningful and sweet. We were able to connect with a few friends and connect with people for our work. Every conversation was meaningful to us.

I reflected in my last post on the generosity I desire in my life. What I realized on our trip to Minneapolis was I missed the city because I missed the PEOPLE who were truly deep friends. They have a generosity of spirit in them that draws me and gives me life. I see that in our kids as they live their lives in a complicated place. The lasting friendships with folks who live with immense generosity in their lives, this what I missed.

We have lived in Alabama over three years now, so we are cultivating new friendships and finding that generosity all over again. I have discovered this is why I believe deeply in what I’ve called “a theology of place.” I want to BE where I am living because along the way I will meet incredible people and forge incredible friendships that will produce immense generosity in my life. When I am committed to place I find the Kingdom of God cultivating a deep love for the people around me and that generosity flows all over again.

Over 20 years in Minneapolis I have received a tremendous amount of generosity from incredible people. They spur me on to cultivating generosity in my own life.

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