The true POWER of the Kingdom

Luke 8 lays out several areas where Jesus demonstrates his authority. The Kingdom is powerful over nature, demons, death, and sickness. Then, in Luke 9:1-6, Jesus tells them simply to go repeat what they’ve seen him do. They obeyed. Here’s our challenge: Don’t argue yourself out of a victory.  If Jesus said, “Go do this.Continue reading “The true POWER of the Kingdom”


Jesus looked at them carefully and said, “It’s impossible for human beings. But all things are possible for God.” (Matt. 19:26) “The word impossible does not belong in our vocabulary. In God’s ears, it’s an expletive. And it’s the primary reason we don’t experience the miraculous. We let our logical assumptions trump our theological beliefs. AndContinue reading “The word “IMPOSSIBLE””

Quit praying for healing

As a Pentecostal who believes in healing, this thought strikes me today: Quit praying for healing.  When Peter and John walked by the lame man in Acts 3, it wasn’t a matter of asking for healing. It wasn’t a matter of giving alms. Both were possible options in that moment. What is needed is a sensitivity toContinue reading “Quit praying for healing”

Living “in the moment” is like having ADHD Christianity

In my particular “tribe” of Christianity, there are good things about the experiential. We really do believe, or want to believe, that we can pray for healing (for example) and healing is possible. A particular “downside” is we tend to live for the “event.” We live for that powerful moment in a church service, aContinue reading “Living “in the moment” is like having ADHD Christianity”