We are called to work AND pray in the battle to overcome evil systems

I am working through one of my favorite chapters in the Bible: Acts 19. It has always drawn me and what I love about the study of Scripture is that each trip through a passage can yield new insights and nuances. This trip through has been no different.

The FOCUS of the disinherited

“… the child of the disinherited is like to live a heavy life. A ceiling is placed on his dreaming by the counsel of despair coming from his elders, whom experience has taught to expect little and to hope for less. If, on the other hand, the elders understand in their own experiences and livesContinue reading “The FOCUS of the disinherited”

Rioters and protestors and vandals… OH MY!

The language is already being changed… so here we go (again). Everyone who wants nice clean lines to play and color in have ceased distinguishing between “rioters” and “protesters.” It’s so much easier with nice neat categories to say “rioters.” You know… looters… thugs… etc. Stop.

A HUGE call for justice from a “safe” place… and safe no more

I subscribe to Christianity Today and I’ve listened to CT Podcasts (Quick to Listen) for quite awhile. The last few months have seen a bold shift for them. This time it is a piece from the president of CT calling for a major step in justice: reparations. A loaded word that when people hear itContinue reading “A HUGE call for justice from a “safe” place… and safe no more”