The poor and the powerful

People who don’t go to jail for exploiting the poor. Among them now is former NFL QB Brett Favre. He took huge amounts of money from the state of Mississippi that was earmarked for welfare programs. He then helped funnel $5 million from that fund to help build a volleyball arena at his alma mater.

Favre has come under media scrutiny for nearly $8.1 million in welfare funds that were allegedly doled out to entities tied to the former NFL star. Of that sum, $1.1 million directly went to Favre for public speaking appearances that he allegedly didn’t make, along with $5 million to the construction of a volleyball building at Favre’s alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi, and another $2 million to a pharmaceutical startup that Favre has been tied to as an investor.

More HERE.

One of the poorest states in the country can’t help themselves when it comes to skimming funds that are meant to directly help the poor. And do the powerful go to jail? Imagine Favre in cuffs and a prison jumpsuit? Of course you don’t. It doesn’t happen.

This is how corrupt systems operate.

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