Beth Moore’s memoir

Philip Yancey’s memoir, Where the Light Fell, and this one by Beth Moore will be deeply meaningful along with Merton’s Seven Storey Mountain, will be treasures to visit often.

All My Knotted-Up Life: A Memoir by Beth Moore

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I listened to this one on Audible and am so glad. To hear Beth Moore tell her story is incredible. She is so funny, so moving, so powerful.

I didn’t know her story at all. To hear the utter heartache of all she has gone through, along with her husband, is something that deeply moved me.

When she told of her experience leaving the Southern Baptist Convention, the utter contempt poured on her, and her deep desire to stay connected to the Church moved me deeply. I cried as I listened and drove down the highway. All the junk of the last 5-6 years in our country, in my life, in the American Church all spilled out. I felt anger. I felt joy. I felt hope.

This is a deeply moving read/listen. Well worth the time.

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